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Learning & Development

How we Support Our Companies

Investing in Employee Growth

Our companies are full of ambition. The role of Learning & Development is to connect our people with opportunity.  

By offering the resources needed for growth, we foster the creativity and innovation that drives success. Knowing no Folience company is the same, we work with each of our companies to create programs that address their unique needs and vision.   

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Leadership Development

Providing programs and initiatives that cultivate the skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary for individuals to effectively lead and manage teams 

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Company-Specific Training Development

Tailoring training programs that address the specific needs and requirements of each portfolio company, focusing on enhancing employee skills, improving processes, and fostering a culture of continuous learning

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Pulse Survey Employee Engagement

Coordinating and administering regular pulse surveys across portfolio companies, to gather valuable feedback from employees, enabling management to assess employee satisfaction, engagement levels, and identify areas for improvement within the organization

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ESOP Education

Providing educational resources, workshops, and seminars to educate employees of portfolio companies about our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), explaining the mechanics and benefits of participating in such programs

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Onboarding Education

Ensuring new hires receive comprehensive education and training on company policies, procedures, and culture, facilitating their smooth integration into the company and promoting a positive employee experience from the start 

“We work with company leadership and the human resources cohort to continuously evaluate new opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

-Ashley Gansen, Director of Human Resources

Questions about Learning & Development or our Shared Services model in general?