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Invest in Different

Folience is a 100% employee-owned portfolio of companies
with reputations for excellence. 


We Invest in success

“Folience’s passion for embracing engaged employee ownership… ensures a sustainably profitable future.”  

– Tom Pientok, Folience Board Chair

Folience seeks to acquire exceptional companies to ensure long-term, sustainable growth.  Because these companies join the Folience ESOP, our portfolio companies can trust that our team is making a personal investment in their success.

Board of Directors

Meet the group of professionals who are dedicated to overseeing our company’s success.


Tom Pientok

Chair of the Board

Wendy Guillies

Wendy Guillies

Chair of Compensation Committee

Tracy McCormick

Tracy McCormick

Chair of Audit Committee

Bill Adamowski

Bill Adamowski

Independent Director


Cathy Terukina

Internal Director

Chris Snyder

Internal Director

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We INvest in different

How Our Approach Reduces Risk

At Folience, we believe diversification creates sustainability.  That’s why we’ve intentionally curated a diverse portfolio of companies—to offset market volatility in any one industry. When you become an employee owner under Folience, you’re at a competitive advantage.

Shared Services

How We Support Our Companies 

Folience offers a variety of resources designed to improve efficiency and alleviate distractions, without interfering with our employee-owned companies’ unique cultures. We call these Shared Services. 

Each of these services are headed by innovative, experienced professionals who understand every brand’s needs and goals.

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Finance & Accounting

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Human Resources

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Facilities & Safety

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Learning & Development

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Administration & Compliance

Our Companies

A Portfolio of Exceptional Companies 

Our companies have individually developed tremendous track records of success. Together, they form a strong portfolio with high potential of continued growth.

News and Insights

The Latest from Folience

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Why Folience?

“Being a part of an ESOP creates a very unique culture. We’re all different businesses and different industries working toward one common goal, which is our financial futures.”

Mark Johnson | Employee Owner

“We have a unique opportunity to work as a team where everyone shares a voice and responsibility in our strategy to achieve success. The Shared Services model allows us to have levels of talent and expertise in specific support areas that we would not be able to afford as an independent business.”

Kelly Homewood | Gazette President and Employee-Owner