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Information Technology

How we Support Our Companies

Ensuring Resources Support Business Objectives 

Across all industries, the smooth operation of technology is vital—yet requires strong expertise. Through Folience’s Shared Services model, our companies have access to all the necessary resources. We handle all infrastructure aspects of IT so that our companies can stay efficient, secure, and competitive in the day to day.  

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Risk Management

Safeguarding valuable data and minimizing potential threats through an IT Risk Management program

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Adhering to industry standards and compliance requirements with regular audits and testing

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Developing automation to streamline repetitive tasks, which enables the business to focus on high-value initiatives

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Maintaining reliable and secure networking solutions that empower our business with uninterrupted communication and collaboration

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Identifying and managing systems designed to automate and streamline tasks, enhance productivity, and support business operations

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Managing and optimizing cloud, server and storage systems to ensure the business operates at peak efficiency with minimal downtime

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Setting up and managing hardware designed to provide specific services, resources, or functionalities to other computers or devices on a network

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Empowering our workforce with continuous education on technology topics and services, cultivating a cyber-smart team that confidently navigates the digital landscape

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Safeguarding the business from cyber threats with defensive controls and strategies to provide protections against cyber-attacks

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Providing prompt assistance through a dedicated Help Desk team, which directs issues to the right people and swiftly resolves technology issues

“Companies find the Shared Services model beneficial because they can focus on their operations and take advantage of resources they otherwise might not have.” 

-Paul Nus, Chief Technology Officer 

Questions about Information Technology or our Shared Services model in general?