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Informing and Enriching Our Communities

As an independent, employee-owned media company, The Gazette has been connecting and informing Iowans for 140 years. Our award-winning news coverage and insightful analysis provides the people, businesses, and communities of Iowa with the resources needed to make smart decisions. 


The Right Resources to make Smart Decisions

To be informed is to be empowered. The Gazette is dedicated to providing Iowans with the information they need to make the best decisions about their lives, their communities, and their government. With print and digital news and advertising platforms that reach over 1 million readers every month, The Gazette keeps the public informed of the changing issues, events, policies, and people around them. 

“We are tremendously proud of The Gazette’s history and are dedicated to carrying the work forward. Identifying ways to innovate with our community is a critical step in what’s next for The Gazette and the region we serve.”

– Kelly Homewood, Gazette President

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Extensive Regional Perspectives

The Southeast Iowa Union and Central Iowa Union are community-centered media outlets comprised of the traditional elements of a newspaper and the innovative digital elements that connect and engage our loyal audience. Proud to serve as a hometown, people-focused source for communities ranging from a few hundred to 10,000+ residents.  

Our Tenets

Our Tenets are the principles and perspectives that unite us. 

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Question the Answer

We earn legitimacy through our relentless pursuit of the truth. The public trusts us to diligently uncover the facts of the issues that affect them.

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Inform and Inspire

We provide insight that gives our audience the potential to improve themselves and spark progress in their communities. Our work educates, entertains, and motivates.

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Engage and Empower

We are responsible for reaching out and giving a voice to the voiceless. We take the initiative to support the full spectrum of the human experience.

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Pave the Way

We are driven by innovative ideas that rise above conventional industry efforts. Our success comes from our ability to look forward and create fresh opportunities while preserving our legacy.

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Give Back

We believe in taking care of each other. Our greatness comes not from what we have, but what we give.

Access for All

The Gazette is committed to providing a connection to resources and access to information for all who seek it.

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The Gazette Gives Back is a game-changing program for area nonprofits, providing them with marketing resources to boost awareness of their products and services available to individuals and families throughout the region.

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The Gazette Newspapers in Education program is a subscriber-supported initiative that promotes literacy in Eastern Iowa communities by placing newspapers in classrooms, offering digital subscriptions and providing free support curriculum for teachers.

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The Gazette Access Fund is a multi-faceted program that provides free access to individuals with barriers to receiving Gazette content on their own. These programs include Love Your Library and United We March Forward’s Literacy Program.