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Our Approach

Our Model

Folience provides employee-owners with support and stability, focusing on culture and growth. While our companies are all within Folience, each one maintains its own leadership and identity

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Shared Services
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Our Difference

There can be significant risk in a private equity transaction. Companies involved are almost guaranteed to re-enter the sales cycle in a few years, shattering their culture and long-term focus. By contrast, the Folience approach:

  • Protects your brand from re-sale
  • Provides security through its model of diversified ownership
  • Brings essential services to increase efficiency
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Our Committment

Companies that join Folience may span industry and location, but they’ve each come to us with a proven track record of success. That’s because we’re focused on longevity, not quick turnover. When a company becomes a Folience brand, it’s a two-way commitment.

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Our Criteria

Interested in joining an elite team? Whether your company is succession planning or seeking a new ESOP transaction, those applying should demonstrate the following: 

  • Profitability 
  • Management continuity 
  • Minimal regulatory concerns 
  • Growth opportunities 
  • Offer some seller note financing 
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