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Shared Services

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Why Shared Services?

Extending the Team 

By offering Shared Services, we empower our companies to stay agile, competitive, and poised for growth.  

Our companies maintain the freedom to act while accessing Folience expertise when it comes to human resources, accounting, training, technology, facilities, and other essential operations. In turn, as they operate in the day-to-day, they are supported in their actions and in their growth.    

Benefits of the shared service model: 

  • Cost efficiency  
  • Specialized expertise  
  • Knowledge sharing  
  • Streamlined processes 

Our Support

Shared Expertise, Partnering with all Folience Companies 

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Human Resources

We provide expertise in employee recruitment, onboarding, benefits administration, performance management, and more. This service ensures a positive and supportive work environment.

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Finance & Accounting

We handle financial planning, budgeting, reporting, and analysis, as well as managing accounts payable, receivable, payroll, tax compliance, and more. This service provides accurate financial information and sound financial management. 

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Information Technology

We assist with infrastructure management, software, network security, data storage, technical support, and more. This service enables efficient and secure technology operations across the organization. 

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ESOP Administration
and Compliance 

We take care of ESOP and 401(k) administration, corporate governance, Board relations, and more.  This service translates to smooth day-to-day operations and resource optimization. 

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Facilities & Safety

We assist in the ongoing management of facility maintenance, space planning, safety protocols, emergency preparedness, and environmental sustainability initiatives. This service helps create a safe and conducive working environment for employees. 

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Learning & Development

We design and deliver training programs, professional development initiatives, knowledge sharing platforms, performance improvement strategies, and more. This service fosters continuous learning and growth among employees. 

Our Core Values

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We obtain the best possible outcome by avoiding wasted time and effort, utilizing our optimized processes and resources to ensure productivity at the highest level for each of our businesses. 

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We believe that good, quality work starts at home.  Our team is able to deliver exceptional results because we stress the importance of maintaining a good work/life balance; we take intentional time to have fun together as a team. 

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We are honest and follow through with our commitments in supporting our businesses.  We treat each other with respect and professionalism, taking the time to understand others’ perspectives.  We adhere to our company policies in our daily performance.  We admit our individual limitations and seek collaboration from others when necessary. 

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We demonstrate ownership by taking the initiative to bring about positive results.  We are proactive with opportunities that are brought to our attention and are accountable with those opportunities. 

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Our team is strong not only because of our combined experience and expertise, but because of our trust in one another.  We achieve more by not working as individuals but by collaborating with one another.  We celebrate individual and team success. 


“We have a unique opportunity to work as a team where everyone shares a voice and responsibility in our strategy to achieve success. The Shared Services model allows us to have levels of talent and expertise in specific support areas that we would not be able to afford as an independent business.” 

– Kelly Homewood, Gazette President and Employee-Owner 

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