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Facilities & Safety

How we Support Our Companies

Protecting Safety and Operations

Our Facilities and Safety team assists companies with two critical components: 1) where they operate and 2) how they do so safely. Our level of involvement depends on each company’s needs, whether that’s developing training programs for heavy machinery or consulting on a search for office space.

By working alongside employee-owners, we ensure our companies satisfy both industry regulations and the needs of employees.

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Real Estate

Assisting companies in the search and negotiation to lease, buy or build buildings, offices, warehouses, and other facilities 

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Lease Management

Managing company lease agreements, which includes negotiating lease terms, tracking lease expiration dates, and coordinating with landlords to ensure compliance 

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Inspecting, repairing, and maintaining facilities, equipment, and infrastructure

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Safety Compliance

Ensuring compliance with safety regulations and other legal requirements, such as accessibility standards and environmental regulations

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Safety Training

Providing employees with appropriate safety training programs, including hazard recognition, emergency response, and proper use of safety equipment

“We don’t offer a ‘one-size fits all’ model. Services are both tactical and strategic in nature. We partner with the business units to develop the best choices and practices.”

– Ken White, Director of Facilities and Safety

Questions about Safety and Compliance or our Shared Services model in general?