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Life Line Emergency Vehicles

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Quality Saves Lives

Located in Sumner, Iowa, Life Line is a custom manufacturer of emergency vehicles, supplying ambulances across America. The company’s approximately 200 employees are dedicated to a meticulous standard of craftsmanship not found in mass-produced assembly line ambulances.

For over 30 years, Life Line customers have kept coming back, knowing these vehicles can be relied upon when performing lifesaving work.


Quality, Safety, and Durability

Life Line vehicles are thoughtfully designed to accommodate those giving and receiving emergency care.

The dedicated team manufacturing these vehicles constantly looks for opportunities to improve in the areas of quality, safety, and durability.

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  • Certified EMTs on staff 
  • Module designs for crucial features 
  • Metal extrusions for maximum strength and impact resistance 
  • Interior design made for easy disinfection 
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  • Impact rails built to absorb force in a collision 
  • Strong, vault-style doors 
  • Full-width solid roll cages 
  • Aluminum exteriors 
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  • A five-year/60,000 mile product conversion warranty for materials and workmanship 
  • A lifetime/unlimited miles body warranty 
  • A six-year, pro-rated/unlimited miles Life Line paint warranty 
  • A 10-year/100,000-mile electrical warranty 
  • A lifetime limited/unlimited miles cabinet construction warranty   
A team works on ensuring an ambulance is working well A red ambulance with black trim

“We provide a product to communities that impact people’s lives, so there is a great sense of pride with what we do.”

-Randy Smith, Life Line President 


A Small Town Manufacturer with a Big Impact 


Jim Leicher and Terry Leicher, a father and son duo, established Life Line in Sumner, IA. The first vehicle was custom-built for an ambulance service in Cedar Falls, IA. 


Upon retirement, Terry felt that establishing Life Line as an ESOP was vital in protecting the company from a corporate buy out. He established a partial ESOP to make it a 30% employee-owned company.


Upon his passing, Terry’s wife Connie stepped in to carry out his vision for the company.


With sights on expanding, a recently vacated manfacturing company next door was purchased. Remodeling was completed to accommodate Life Line’s goals of all our production under one roof.


Acquired by Folience, Life Line became 100% Employee Owned, a vision of Terry Leicher’s since 2007 when he started the partial ESOP.


Celebrated our 35th Anniversary, as well as our 5000th Ambulance built.


Life Line remains an active member of the Ambulance Manufacturer Division (AMD) of the NTEA. As the industry leader, Life Line continues to improve its vehicles, setting the bar for quality and durability across the nation.