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Employee Ownership

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What is Employee Ownership?

Investing in Mutual Success

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a retirement benefit plan that allows eligible employees to earn ownership in the company for which they work. Eligible Folience employees share in the value of the company, so they’re able to tangibly benefit from growth. 

This collaborative approach enhances our performance and productivity and drives a culture of innovation and dedication. 

Share Value

Folience’s share value is determined annually by an independent financial firm that looks at:

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Company Performance

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Economic Outlook

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Balance Sheet

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Other Factors

The ESOP Advantage

Reaping What You Sow

Folience offers both a 401(k) and an ESOP Plan to give employees a greater ability to create their own secure financial future and more directly impact their own financial well-being. This translates to greater long-term advantages than when compared to having only a 401(k) plan: 

401(k)PlanESOP Plan
Employee contributes to their 401(k) from their wages to save for their retirement There is never a cost to the employee for ESOP stock earned by the employee 
Value is tied to the external market, which cannot be influenced by the employee Value is tied to company performance, which employees influence with their daily effort 
There is a company match to 401(k) contributions and there is no vesting for the 401(k)Shares of the ESOP earned by employees vest over a six year period 

Folience employee owners can access a 401(k) with a company match AND an ESOP, allowing them to accumulate wealth for themselves and their families.  Research shows that employees with these two benefits will build more savings, faster. 

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“Our companies span industries for a reason—to dampen volatility. Also, Folience only accepts companies with proven records of success and potential for growth. That’s why employee owners at Folience feel confident in their commitment and in their ownership.”

–  Daniel Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer
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Removing Risk

Our companies span industries for a reason–so that one market’s volatility won’t shake your shares. Also, Folience only accepts companies with proven records of success and potential for growth. That’s why employee owners at Folience feel confident in their commitment.

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ESOP Vesting

Rewarding Loyalty

At Folience, employees progressively gain ownership rights as they stay with the company.

Eligible employee-owners progress through a vesting period during which they gain ownership of ESOP shares earned by them.  ESOPs reward longevity.  When employees reach 6 years, they’re fully vested, meaning 100% of their ESOP value is owned by them to be paid out upon leaving the company. 

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