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Our Companies

Folience Companies

An Exceptional Portfolio

Our companies span industries, serve different audiences, and each have proven records of success. So, what does it mean to belong to the Folience portfolio? Employee owners maintain their company’s culture and identity, and our Shared Services partner with them to support their continued growth. 

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Gazette Communications, Inc.


For 140 years and counting, The Gazette has provided Iowans with trustworthy and in-depth news coverage. The Cedar Rapids-based newspaper delivers both print and digital publications covering the Eastern Iowa region.


To be passionately independent champions of connecting, informing, and enriching its communities.

Life Line Emergency Vehicles


Located in Sumner, Iowa, Life Line is a custom manufacturer of emergency vehicles, supplying ambulances across America. Each ambulance is custom-built to accommodate the diverse needs of patients and medical personnel.


To exceed customer expectations, which empowers each Life Line partner to work with pride and professionalism.

A red ambulance with black trim Life Line Emergency Vehicles Logo
Black Norstar with custom details trailer Cimarron Trailers logo

Cimarron Trailers


Serving customers across North America, Cimarron Trailers has quite literally built a reputation for excellence. The company handcrafts each trailer with their end-customer’s needs in mind, protecting what they hold precious and helping them create cherished family memories. 


To deliver well-engineered and quality-constructed aluminum trailers at competitive prices.