This is our core.

We’re diligently joyful and hustle with enthusiasm. Not only determined to succeed, but successful.

Daniel Goldstein
President & Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Goldstein is President and CEO of Folience. He has 25 years of executive leadership experience that spans five continents and an irresistible wanderlust that’s carried him to more than 50 countries. It’s a spirit for exploration that’s essential as Daniel shares Folience with the world in his role as chief ambassador and educator.

Daniel also guides investment strategy, which includes acquiring, integrating and advising each of the brands in the Folience portfolio.

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Cathy Terukina
Executive Vice President

Cathy Terukina directs all aspects of the ESOP administration process as Executive Vice President. She’s responsible for integrating new brands into the Folience ESOP ecosystem and also leads the Shared Services team that supports existing brands.

In addition to her 20 years of leadership experience in human resources and organizational development, Cathy has been married for 35 years and successfully ensured that all three of her kids complied with curfew and adhered to homework requirements.

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Paul Nus
Chief Technology Officer

Paul Nus is the Chief Technology Officer at Folience, where he’s responsible for technology infrastructure and the resources necessary to support it. He ensures that technology projects are designed, implemented and maintained for the purpose of growing the ESOP.

The constant state of invention at Folience is a perfect fit for Paul’s intellectual curiosity, and of course, the local breweries are a nice fit too.

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Kelly O’Hara
Chief Financial Officer

Kelly O’Hara is the Chief Financial Officer in Folience’s Shared Services group, where she oversees accounting and the Finance Cohort. She also supports individual business unit leaders and participates in the due diligence of target brands.

Kelly earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, one of the highest distinctions in the investment management profession.

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Ashley Gansen
Director of Human Resources

Ashley Gansen is the Director of Human Resources at Folience. She supports Shared Services and Fusionfarm in all human resources needs, and also advises our other business units in recruiting, onboarding, and retention efforts.

Ashley started her career in human resources in Chicago before moving back to Iowa. So far, she and her husband have rescued two dogs and a cat.

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Bailey Koebrick
Benefits Specialist

Bailey Koebrick is a Benefits Specialist at Folience. She answers employee benefit inquiries, manages new hire benefit enrollment and the annual open enrollment processes.

Bailey received her BBA in HR Management at University of Iowa, which is where she began her HR career. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with Hawkeye, her chocolate lab, and hitting up the volleyball court as much as she can.

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Denise Lewis
Director of Accounting

Denise Lewis is the Director of Accounting at Folience. She prepares and analyzes monthly financial statements and supports accounting cohorts in the individual business units.

Denise is usually chasing one of her daughters around, but also jumps at the opportunity to attend baseball games and country music concerts.

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Andrea Kula

Andrea Kula does everything accounting, from Corridor Careers accounts receivable to fixed assets and many things in between for all of Folience’s business units, and general accounting too.

In her free time, Andrea enjoys river boating and bonfires with the family.

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Amanda Heyda
Payroll Administrator III

Amanda Heyda processes payroll for each of the business units. She has over 7 years of experience with ADP and over 2 years of payroll processing experience.

Amanda and her husband have one son. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, attending sporting events and cooking.

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Angel Walker
Accounts Payable Specialist
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Kolin Gage
Network Security Administrator

Kolin Gage is the Network Security Administrator at Folience. He is responsible for implementing network upgrades, monitoring network performance and security threats, as well as daily operational and maintenance functions. He has prior experience working in a bank’s IT department where he was responsible for network monitoring and security threats, as well as general IT help desk tasks.

In his free time, Kolin helps run a non-profit organization called SecMidwest, which puts on free monthly meetings to give IT and security talks/demos. He also enjoys traveling and camping, as well as spending time with his wife, two kids and the family dog.

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Kevin Saathoff
Server Administrator II

Kevin Saathoff is a Server Administrator at Folience, where he builds and maintains the systems that support applications and end user needs.

Like every good dad, Kevin loves golfing, fishing and watching baseball.

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Shawn Hoy
Server Administrator

Shawn Hoy is a Server Administrator at Folience. He builds, troubleshoots and maintains servers, systems and infrastructure.

Shawn also enjoys playing all kinds of games with his wife and daughter, including card games, board games and tabletop miniature games.

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Thad Lux
Server Administrator

Thad works as a Server Administrator at Folience. Thad has several years of prior experience in several different areas of technology including VoIP Phone Systems, network administration, server administration, and vendor management. Thad is also a founding member of SecMidwest that hosts monthly meetups focused on cyber security education for IT and cyber security professionals. In his free time, Thad likes to fish, travel, work on DIY projects around the house, and spend time with his family and dogs.

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Todd Bransky
System Integration Specialist III

Todd Bransky is a System Integration Specialist for Folience. He admins the ADP System and supports several business units with data integration, reporting, and workflow automation. He also serves as a facilitator of Leadership Development Training.

Todd has been a part of the company since 1998, prior to that he was a junior high band director. Band is a passion of his. In fact, he’s a part of the Eastern Iowa Brass Band, the CR Jazz Big Band, a member of the band, “Olds & The Mobiles,” a member of the band, “Backroad Brass,” and is a substitute in the Cedar Rapids Municipal Band.

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Justin Jimenez
Help Desk
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Ken White
Senior Manager Facilities

Ken White is the Senior Manager Facilities at Folience. With more than 17 years of experience in program, project, property and facilities management, Ken provides services and solutions to each of the individual business units. He also aligns facilities efforts to strategic and capital expense planning.

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